10 Session Series


What is the 10 session series?

Ida P. Rolf, PhD., the founder of Rolfing created an ingenious and simple way for rolfers to organize the body. In 10 sessions, most problems resolve. Each session is designed to follow the one that precedes it making a fairly comprehensive system.

I like to think of the 10 series as one session broken into 10 different segments. The first 3 sessions address what rolfers refer to as the "sleeve". Its more or less the superficial holdings in the body. Sessions 1 - 3 deal with the XY&Z axis of the body and they can be considered a little "mini" series. A lot of aches and pains can be addressed in the first 3 sessions, some of them can be resolved. Without having to commit to the entire 10, the first 3 sessions can give you a taste of what to expect from the amazing work of Rolfing®.

The next 4 sessions really deal with the deeper holdings within the body. Some of these holdings can come from a lifetime of use (or abuse). They are not deeper, like deep tissue massage, but rather more profound. I generally recommend that if you are doing the entire 10 sessions that you complete all four of these middle sessions because of the deeper nature of their work.

The last 3 sessions put it all together and allow the rolfer the time needed to address anything else lingering. They are the integrating sessions, a way to blend the work of 1-7 into a functional whole.

somatic movement

Somatic movement is an entirely different way of moving. Mostly when we move we don't think too much about it. In a somatic movement session, we really want to pay attention to how we are moving and the actual sensation of movement. Think of it like meditation in motion.

Why is this important? In order for you to alter the movement  pattern that may have caused the discomfort in the first place, you have to know what your habits or preferences are. By moving slowly and with awareness changes can begin to happen. A lot of what we humans do everyday without much thought is we try to remain upright. Because falling down isn't much fun when you're an adult. Many systems are in place to help us stay upright. Unfortunately we may be working a lot harder than is necessary so we clench and hold on. With Rolfing® somatic movement the practice is to learn how to unclench, trust the body and reset the nervous system. You can apply Rolfing® somatic movement to any physical learning to enhance your performance.

my commitment to you

While I wish I can guarantee pain-free success every time, I cannot. I never consider myself the healer, but the facilitator. You are your own healer.

What I can commit to is the process. If you are curious about the discovery and are willing to explore, I am delighted to adventure with you into what might be an incredible journey of self discovery.