Sessions are 60 minutes in length. $160/session.


Rolfing® Somatic Movement


Sessions are 60 minutes in length. $160/session.


I offer private sessions in Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolfing® somatic movement.

Rolfing is a process and technique for preparing the body to accept the gravitational field of the Earth for support and to enhance movement. By working on the soft tissue, segments are loosened and new relationships are formed that create graceful movement patterns and habits.

Rolfing somatic movement is a practice of inquiry and discovery. Having permission, time and space we will explore all the ways that we can move fearlessly with ease and strength.

Whether you are recovering from injury or wanting more out of your life, Rolfing® and its movement component can help you become more efficient with your movement and to find ease in your activities.

Sometimes I will suggest we divide the hour session into two segments: one part on the table and the second part in movement. Typically, however, people like to come in for table work on one day, and then come another day for movement.