Book Recommendations

Often clients will ask me about the best book to help them in their Rolfing® journey. Ida Rolf's book, Rolfing, Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being is on the top of the list. The language is a bit archaic, but it gives you great insight into how she thought and how she developed this remarkable system.

The other book I recommend is by Sandra Blakeslee, The Body has a Mind of its Own: How Body Maps in your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better. I love this book because it really opened my eyes to body schema. This is essentially how we learn or our body schema can be the obstacle to attaining a desired skill.

With Rolfing® Somatic Movement I don't use repetition as strategy for change and after reading Blakeslee's book I felt confirmed in my approach. Let me know if you read either of these books. Enjoy.

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