Buy One, Get the Second One Half OFF!!

Yes, I am a Rolfing® Transformation Junkie

I was thinking about the world of Harry Potter and the useful skill, Transfiguration that wizards can learn. Rolfing® is kind of like the Muggle version of Transfiguration. But vastly different and a lot better (IMHO).

When I first received the 10 series, I felt like the Rolfer was a witch. It was like the last bastion of magic and I wanted desperately to learn how to do this magical act. My body completely changed. I was Transfigured! More than that, however, "I" changed. My identity changed. Something in me started seeking a more profound knowing of myself. Unlike Transfiguration, it was Transformation. I was hooked!

I would love everyone to experience this magical Transformation. So in honor of my move into my new office space (more on that later) I am offering the following to entice you into the rich world of Transformation: "Come in for your first session and your second one is half off!" This offer is good only through April, 2018. So come on in and get Rolfed!

What it Takes to be a Rolfer

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