What to Expect


Coming to your first session

Please plan on being a little early for your first session. This way you can figure out the parking situation. I prefer to work with clients in gym shorts and either a tank top, t shirt or sports bra. If you forget and don't have appropriate Rolfing® wear, I have some gym shorts to loan for the session.


Payment is due and payable at each session.  You may pay with cash, check (payable to Body Lab) or Visa or MasterCard


Unfortunately I have had to specify this. Please show up alcohol free. Please let me know if you are on muscle relaxants or pain meds before your session. I prefer that you can feel your body as we work. If you must be on pain meds, just let me know so I can alter my contact with you.


cancellation policy

I require a 24 hour cancellation notice. Unless you or a loved one is in the hospital or emergency room, it is your responsibility to cancel the session. You can text me, voicemail me or send me an email, but you have to let me know. Otherwise, I charge the same price for the missed session. 


Sessions are 60 minutes long, but I schedule every 75 minutes. Regardless of when you show up, I end on time. All sessions end on time regardless of when you show up. If you choose to reschedule, you will be charged for the missed session.


There are no refunds. Payment is made at the time of the appointment only.

Bounced checks

Any check returned from the bank will be charged an additional $25 administration fee.