About Kathryn Waggoner: I have an MFA from Mills College and have been teaching dance, pilates, yoga and movement to all ages for 30 years. In addition to holding associate professor positions at University of California, Riverside and California State, East Bay I have worked with community colleges and private dance studios throughout California. I have been a practicing certified Rolfer since 2001. A lifelong mover, Body Lab is my place for exploring and discovering the movement journey I began as a small human.

About Body Lab: Body Lab is my passion. If I could get paid for rolling around on the floor, I would be extremely content. But since no one will pay me for doing that, the next best thing is sharing it with others. I enjoy diving into the unknown treasures the body has in store for us. Taking the time to open all the ways we perceive ourselves, the world and our relationship to it gets me out of bed in the morning. When the spark of interest lights up in another person, then an amazing synergy is created. I live for that amazing moment. I'm calling on all you inner explorers! Come play with me.